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10 Important Steps for Tax Deductions

Jul 28, 2015

Can you believe that the year is more than half over? In fact, most churches start planning their Christmas cantatas and plays in about 65 days. That ...

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Tax Calendar for 1st Half of 2013

Jan 07, 2013

Every year in January and February, our office gets tons of phone calls from pastors and leaders asking about tax forms and what needs to be filed in ...

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Urgent Housing Allowance Update for 2012

Dec 21, 2012

A question that often goes unasked and unanswered is, “Who actually qualifies for the housing allowance?”  Most people automatic...

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Don't Let Fear Keep You From Starting Your Church

Dec 19, 2014

Has there ever been a time in our national history when a timely word from the Lord was more needed to bring healing to many than now? ...

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IRS Being Sued for Not Being Tough Enough on Churches

Nov 27, 2012

Just when you thought that you had heard it all, it happened!  Something that could only happen in America has surprised us all.  For years ...

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How to Hire Church Employees the Right Way; Part 2

Aug 21, 2016

In Part 1, I covered the five things that need to be done in order to properly hire staff for your church. Keep in mind that I am referring to a perso...

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IRS Tells Couple Tithes to Church Not Tax Deductible

Sep 26, 2012

No one ever gives to their church thinking they will experience trouble with the IRS. Yet, this is what happened to a Texas couple (David and Verona D...

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What if You are the Guest Speaker?

Sep 17, 2012

Landing at Miami International Airport on a Saturday afternoon after visiting my father’s orphanage in Venezuela, I zipped across the state ...

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The Pastor's Discretionary Fund

Sep 22, 2016

It was raining hard that day, and Pastor Giles once again noticed the old man walking around the neighborhood, pushing the shopping cart containing al...

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