3 Ways to Equip Your Administrative Team for Success

Written by Christine Bové on Mar 18, 2021 in Church Management

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We love to honor the front-line heroes. These are the pastors and ministry leaders who cast vision and work tirelessly to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth. But we also want to recognize the behind-the-scenes heroes who help the vision come alive: the Administrative team.

At StartCHURCH, we seek to see all parties in the church and ministry world fully equipped to protect what God has called them to lead.

Three Ways to Best Equip Your Administrative Team

1. Equip them with knowledge

Remember the old adage of "Knowledge is power"? Really and truly, knowledge helps people go to their next level. Where ever someone is in life, they can continue to grow through learning. While everyone can benefit from continued education, administrators are best equipped to do what God has called them to do when they know what they need to do.

A successful administrator knows what to anticipate and the best ways to serve the church office. This knowledge includes finances, church operations, managing resources, staff management, meeting minutes, and more.

One of the best ways to invest in your church administration team is to invest in their personal growth and knowledge. The more they know, the better. Send them to conferences, webinar trainings, online classes, and so forth to better understand how to best operate the church administrative tasks. Not only are you investing in them, but by them becoming better, they are better equipped to serve the Kingdom of God more effectively.

We know there are plenty of resources out there that are highly beneficial for church administrators. Our StartCHURCH University is an online-class model software that helps you become a certified Church Administrator expert. Learn more about StartCHURCH University here or give us a call at 877-494-4655.

2. Equip them with resources

Another way to empower your administrative team is to give them the resources needed to help them do their jobs at their best.

Nothing is more frustrating than delegating a task to someone, and they aren't able to accomplish it because they didn't have access to the right resources to help them get the jobs done. Two of the most common tasks that fall to the administrative team are board meeting minutes and implementing policies.

Board Meeting Minutes

One of the most used resources we have found with our StartCHURCH family is the pre-done board meeting minutes template. Since the board has to meet regularly, it is much easier to pull from a template than to create board meeting minutes for every single time. Plus, it takes the stress away of having to customize the meeting minutes to fit the nature of the board meetings themselves.

One of the best ways to equip your administrative team is to give them easy-to-use resources, like our Minutes Suite, to help lead your board meetings confidently and stay in compliance.



Another popular resource that empowers your administrative team is a policies template. Policies help set the tone for the organization and help you stay in compliance.

There are many areas to consider regarding compliance, such as staff, social media, reimbursements, vacation time, and more. It can get overwhelming to try to create and establish policies for every situation.

That's why using a policies template for your administrative team is so beneficial; it helps take the pressure off of them to come up with policies to stay in compliance and allows them to customize them to the needs of the organization. That way, they are freed up to do more of what God has called them to do.

We recommend our Policies Suite for a resource with over 50 policies to download, customize, and use. Let your policies help carry your church's vision and mission by protecting and supporting your church culture.

3. Equip them with powerful tools

Alongside resources, tools are an incredible way to expedite your administrative team's productivity. Whether they are task management tools, such as Trello and Asana, or planning tools, such as a planning center, equipping your administrative team with effective tools will take their productivity to the next level.

An excellent place to start in determining what tool you need to purchase next for your team is to ask a few questions:

    • What are some of the weak points your administrative team needs help with?
    • Do they need help with project management?
    • Do they need a system to help keep track of inventory or their congregation?
    • Do they need help with keeping better ministry records?
    • Do they need help with keeping better finances and tracking donations?

After delving into those questions, you can pick your top priorities and equip your team with those new tools to help them succeed. You can always grow and invest later in other tools if there is more than one area of need.

Equip to Empower

It takes a whole team to make a church a thriving place to encounter Jesus Christ. Those who handle the behind-the-scenes ministry tasks play a vital role in helping that mission to take place.

Whether it's by leading from a stage or inputting entries in church software, all parts of the Church body must be well-equipped to serve God in the role He has called them to serve. Once everyone is empowered to go to their next levels, God is able to do much more than you can imagine through your ministry.

Do you need resources and tools to help equip your church or ministry administrative team for success? Give us a call at 877-494-4655 and ask about our Church Administrator Bundle!


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