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Church Growth Strategy: CDC

By Lester Ruiz

See a need, meet a need. That is the call. And yet the gap between that vision and reality can be a wide one. StartCHURCH understands that you may have a vision to impact your community but that your resources are limited and as a church, there are grants and funding sources that are not available. 

Pastor, there is a solution. The church has an untraditional growth strategy within its reach, with significant potential to provide the financial resources that will create community impact. 

We are talking about a Community Development Center. This is an independent non-profit organization with a unique focus on helping the community.

Not only does this type of organization allow you to receive a wider range of donations, but it also qualifies you to receive grants and government funding that you would otherwise not be eligible for as a religious organization. 


There are many types of Community Development Centers; you can set up programs for low-income youth, halfway houses, food banks, teaching and training centers, leadership development, migrant support, children's homes, schools and tutoring, and hundreds more. One of the keys to understanding the Community Development Center is knowing that it must have it’s own F.E.I.N., incorporation, bylaws, 501(c)(3), and Board.

If God has been stirring in you a new dream for your community, we encourage you to give us a call.  We would love to hear about what God is doing and discuss the steps you can take to see the dream He has given you come to pass.

You can reach us at (844) 857-6023 or click on the link below to learn more about starting a CDC today!


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