Legislation that Makes it Mandatory for You Purchase Health Insurance

Written by Founder Raul Rivera on Jul 15, 2009 in Church Management

Yesterday, the House of Representatives agreed on a 1,000 page plan that completely overrides health care as we know it.  The new Bill will force every American to buy health insurance.  If insurance is not purchased, Americans will have to pay fines worth 2.5% of their income.  Additionally, employers will be forced to provide health care benefits to their workers or be fined 8% of the worker's wages.  This bill proposes to eliminate medicaid and medicare and intends to replace it with new taxes to cover this sweeping healthcare plan.  Like it or not, if this plan passes, our country will be forever changed.  My concern is how this legislation will effect the church.  I have many questions concerning this, and below are just a few.

1.  It appears that the plan might be an extension of the Social Security System (Social Insurance).  If so, will pastors and ministers who have opted out their ministry earned income also be able to opt out of their ministy income from health care coverage?

2.  Will churches be exempt from this legislation?

3.  Will religious ministries be exempt from this legislation?

4.  Most churches can barely afford the small salaries they pay their pastors, and some churches only pay their pastors when there is money in the bank to do so.  Will these churches have to pay an 8% fine if they cannot afford to cover some of the pastor's health care insurance?

5.  What about part-time employees?  Because churches are mostly filled with part-time employees, will they have to be covered too?

I will continue to monitor this proposed health care legislation and will keep you updated as it unfolds.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Please leave your comments.

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Raul Rivera

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