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No Minutes? Then No Board Meeting!

Aug 01, 2011

Does Your Ministry Keep Minutes? I recently had a conversation with an administrator who had just joined the staff of his church.  He mentioned t...

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Big Vision, Small Checking Account

Feb 17, 2011

How Big Are Your Dreams? Sometimes, the vision of a pastor's heart is greater than what the church's finances can provide.  A big vision is wonde...

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Embezzlement In the Church!

Feb 02, 2010

Embezzlement In the Church! Did you know that the most common crime committed in the church is embezzlement? It happens more often than we are willing...

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Starting Right and Staying Right

Aug 21, 2012

Starting a ministry is one thing, but managing a ministry is a completely different matter!  It is my experience that many ministries have a much...

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Tax Forms to Prepare in January

Jan 04, 2011

January is often times busier than December! January is the time of year that many leaders make an effort to keep a resolution of better managing thei...

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Become Ordained Before the Year Ends!

Dec 12, 2014

Do not let the Christmas season distract you from time sensitive tax issues! This time of year, pastors and leaders get caught up in the wonderful Chr...

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How to Go on Salary at the Church or Ministry!

Nov 30, 2009

Why Receive a Salary? In my 20 years of ministry experience, I have come to the conclusion that churches and ministries that have pastors and leaders ...

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Common Mistakes Made By Ministers that May Take their Churches Down!, Part 3!

Nov 13, 2009

A Three-Part Series on Common Mistakes Made by Ministers! Welcome to part three of our series titled "Common Mistakes Made By Ministers." Congress has...

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Common Mistakes Made By Ministers, Part 2!

Nov 11, 2009

A Three-Part Series on Common Mistakes Made by Ministers! Last week I wrote on two common mistakes made by ministers.  Most ministers fail to se...

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