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Establishing a Scholarship Fund for Graduating Seniors

Jun 15, 2010

Investing in the Lives of Young Adults In what significant way could your church impact the life of a young man or woman who is graduating from high s...

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Growing Your Church the Old Fashioned Way!

Jun 10, 2010

Now that the summer season is fully in swing, many churches across America experience declines in attendance.  Due primarily to vacations, missio...

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The Federal Government Wants to Give Your Church Money

May 04, 2010

A Law that may actually help your church It seems that all I have been writing about lately is bad news!  For a change, there is some good news f...

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A New IRS Law That Makes It Tougher on Churches

Apr 30, 2010

An important update has been issued on this article. Every Church in America is required to issue and file 1099-Misc forms. The new changes to the wa...

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What Soccer Taught Me About the Business Side of Church

Apr 29, 2010

Getting your church in order may feel like learning something new.  After all, you were called to be a minister not a bookkeeper.  That may ...

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A Tale of Two Pastors, Part Four--Served With Papers.

Apr 13, 2010

This story is a continuation of part three...three months later Pastor Jones* had always done his best to be a good steward of the ministry entrusted ...

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Don't Lose it All Because of Bad Church Government

Jul 13, 2012

The Following is a Story Based on True Events! In the middle of a hot summer day, Pastor Jones had a strange conversation with one of the members of h...

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Does Your Church Know the 250 Dollar Rule?

Aug 07, 2011

Pastor Jones' Church and Tom It was a beautiful spring day in mid April.  The Sunday service the day before marked the first time that Pastor Jon...

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A Tale of Two Pastors, Part One--Minister's Taxes

Feb 22, 2010

Please join me as I take a few moments to share with you the tale of two men who pastored churches in different states.  Though they lived almost...

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