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How to Finance Your Retirement Plan

Jul 25, 2019

Having a retirement plan is nice in theory, but where do you get the money to fund it?  I have been asking myself this question while trying to ...

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Retirement Planning for Clergy

Jul 23, 2019

Everyone understands the concept of retirement on a general level: you save money while you are working, and when you turn 65, you stop working and ha...

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Housing Allowance Ruling Saves More Than You Think

Mar 21, 2019

For well over a decade, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has been filing lawsuits against the constitutionality of housing allowance in Sec...

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Why Pastors' Tax Returns Are Often Wrong

Mar 14, 2019

No one enjoys filing their taxes. That’s why every year when tax season comes around, we often seek out the most convenient solution to get our ...

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How to Pay Your Pastor a Bonus

Dec 04, 2018

Pastors give so much of their time and energy to serve their members, and they often do so with little to no compensation. They often sacrifice their ...

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The Minister's Housing Allowance Back Under Attack

Sep 04, 2016

You might not be aware, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation is once again challenging the minister’s housing allowance. This coming just tw...

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I've Been Approved By the IRS! Now What?

Jul 26, 2016

If we are being honest with one another, obtaining 501(c)(3) recognition is something you worked hard for. There were times when you may have thought ...

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5 Best Practices for Church Payroll Compliance

Jul 05, 2016

“If our church is going to be responsible for payroll, we just won’t compensate anyone.” As the pastor said this, my eyes were opene...

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Surviving Summer, Part 3: Paying Guest Speakers

Jun 12, 2016

As pastors prepare to take their much-deserved family vacations, many churches will utilize the services, gifts, and talents of guest speakers. To sho...

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